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Die Monster Die! (1965)

Die Monster Die! (1965)

Country:  UK

Director:  Daniel Haller

Main Stars:  Boris Karloff, Nick Adams, Freda Jackson, Suzan Farmer

Storyline:  A wheelchair bound scientist brings on evil to his estate when he welcomes a green glowing meteorite

Review (Spoils): Nahum Witley (Boris Karloff) has no idea what he has brought to his house when discovers a meteorite and see’s a as a godsend. When a young man visits his girlfriend Susan (Suzan Farmer) to her estate with her wheelchair bound father we learn all is not as it seems. The mysterious Letitia (Freda Jackson) lies behind a curtain in her bed and the staff are dropping dead. But Nahum has kept the great rock locked in the basement where it can glow and present such glory to the family.

While watching the film I was not sure what to expect but it had a Hammer feel to it. When the movie starts to go about half way through there was some stuff in that surprised me that I felt Evil dead took from. The plant over taking Susan and the ending with Letitia and the melting head. The movie has some goo, lots of green glowing and even some cheesie special glowing man effects.

Rating:  This film was more sci-fi than an actual horror film. But Boris and Suzan Farmer dragged me into the film to check it out. Plus, it had monster in the title. The movie is a bit silly at times and even laughable towards the end, but I did like the parts that reminded me of the Evil Dead.


4/10 Beers!


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