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Sacred to Death (1947)

Sacred to Death (1947)

Country: USA

Director:  Christy Cabanne

Main Stars:  Bela Lugosi, George Zucco, Molly Lamont

Storyline:  From the morgue a young woman describes the tales of her death

Review (Spoils): The movie starts with the young Laura (Molly Lamont) lying on a slab in the morgue as she describes her tale of what has led to her being there. (with some added music each time). This story is flawed very bad and the acting and lines within the film is a disaster. Laura believes that she is being held against her will by her father in-law and husband and is being haunted by some unknown character in a blue green mask. The unknown connection between the haunting masked character, the father in-law doctor (George Zucco), the traveling professor (Bela Lugosi) and the over reacting Laura is explained. Sorry it never is really explained as the whole story line is a mess.

The film gives us a freight train thrown off the tracks for story line and acting. The film tries to be funny and fails. The film tries to scary and it fails. There is not a lot going for this film to be honest as it is a complete mess.

Rating:  The only thing going for this film is it’s a rare colored filmed with Bela Lugosi. The idea of her telling the tale is super annoying and you can drink to it every time you hear the very bad eerie music after each scene she introduces. I hate to be hard on this film, but I really cannot find one thing that I did enjoy about it. It was boring, confusing and long. This was a bad idea from the start and when the ending happens finally you are still mad at it.

1/10 Beers!


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