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Back From Hell (Ex inferis) (2011)

Back From Hell (Ex inferis) (2011)

Country:  Italy

Director: Leonardo Araneo

Main Stars:  Giovanni Araneo, Aran Bertetto, Giovanni Guidelli, Jennifer Mischiatti, Manuela Paraodi, Roberto Zibetti

Storyline:  Some ex classmates decide to rent a manor house in the countryside which has a resident priest. After the first night things start to get out of hand.

MV5BNzYxMDU2NTAwOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTgyNjA2MDE@__V1_UY268_CR9,0,182,268_AL_Review (Spoils): We have six friends that decide to head the countryside for a vacation with a video camera (my god people in horror films are addicted to these things) to an old manor house. When they get there after some annoying banter in the car they realise that a priest (Giovanni Guidelli) resides in the manor. After meeting the priest they decide hey why not create and play with an Ouija board and bring upon some spirits, after that the stay goes to shit.

Six people that seem to know each other but act like they are fourteen (one of them being pregnant) are in a manor doing stupid stuff, including filming it all when a demon starts to slowly possess them one by one. That is the sum of this film. We have lots of weird noises, jumpy camera work, painful acting, some blood, a cool scene in the woods (which by the way is the only really good scene), some people jumping out of windows and a lot of dumb dialogue which can be painful.

Rating: If it was not for the fine looks of Jennifer Mischiatti and Manuela Paraodi this film would have been close to a bomb. The scares are very lacking, the film is too dark in spots, really a camera filming the whole time this shit is going down seems pretty unrealistic and the acting of the male characters was just downright awful.  If it was not for the pregnant woman scene in the bush this film would have been a flat out bomb almost and what was with Roberto Zibetti possession voice, did they use the Green Goblin as a role model?

pint pint

2/10 Beers!


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