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The Quiet Room (2018)

The Quiet Room (2018)

Country: USA

Director:  Sam Wineman

Main Stars:  Jamal Douglas, Barkley Harper, Stephanie Kerbis, Brian McCook, Chris Salvatore, Alaska Thunderfuck, Lisa Wilcox, Kit Williamson

Storyline:  Young man is within a psych ward and must battle off a demon that haunts the ward before it kills everyone.

Review (Spoils): Young Michael (Jamal Douglas) is admitted to a psych ward due to the attempt of suicide and when he arrives it has awakened a female demon entity that has decided to kill off anyone who gets in its way of Michael. As Michael gets close to other inmates as friends or even sexual (as a comfort for his pain) the demon follows the path to destroy them.

This short film was suggested to me online to check out as it was released on Crypt TV as a kick off for Pride Month. Yes, the film has some homosexuality hints and visuals too it, but it does not over bear the film story line and leaves a bit to want the demon wants and why. The actual story line itself does have gaps in the findings of why but I believe this is on purpose for the audience to re-watch and try to find their own personal reasoning for the demon. The acting is not bad for short feature that rounds out a little less than 30min. Some of characters could have been rounded out a bit more but then again, it’s a short film and it needs to get the action and to the point. I found the characters outside of the main actor like Barkley Harper and Kit Williamson worked and I had interest in them. Barkley Harper had some great one liners and connection with the Hunter character, and I could listen and stare at her all day to be honest. Kit Williamson was mysterious which lean on the is he creepy or is he sincere role.

The special effects to be honest were decent for a film like this. The monster was done very well, and I enjoyed the demon and felt it was not cheesy and would be something I could see in a large film. I was quite impressed as I was expecting some bad CGI. We have blood, naked female demons, semi naked men, nasty slit wrists, dreams sequences, smoking hot Barkley Harper and some twisted leg breaks and more blood.

Rating:  Looking for a quick 30min fix of horror this is not too bad. It has the horror legendary Lisa Wilcox in it and outrageous fun Alaska Thunderfuck. As noted before Barkley Harper needs more air time in horror! Go check it out!

6/10 Beers for a short film !



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