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The House of the Devil (2012)

The House of the Devil (2012)

Country: USA

Director: Ti West

Main Stars: Jocelin Donahue, Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, Greta Gerwig

Storyline: A young teenager takes a job as a babysitter but it becomes more she bargained for.

MV5BMTAxMDAxODg5ODReQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDI5ODYxODI@__V1_SX214_AL_Review (Spoils): Cute young Samantha lives with a horny sloppy roommate and finds a deal on a nice little place of her own. The problem is she needs money to afford the place so she and her friend Megan find a babysitting gig which she goes for. She meets the sinister Mr. Ulman which describes that the job is not to sit children but an elder woman. As freaky as it is Samantha agrees and the first night she gets freaked and learns that there is more the Ulman’s then meets the eye.

We have a haunting 70s feel film that involves some dark scenes, gun wound to the head, some pentagrams, some dead bodies, lots of blood, some demon evil looking people and a plot that ends before it begins.

The character build is great in the film and so is the 70s feel, it all works. Jocelin Donahue was awesome and I was pulled right into her character. She was easy on the eyes and you can feel for her as she wants to get out of a bad situation. The problem with the film is it builds so well that once the truth of it all starts to spill out they ran out of time and rushed it. This film could of been so much more and could of been a gem but instead rolled off the tracks.

Rating: When this film started and I was watching it I was like “ alright this going to be awesome” but once the cult was revealed it was all over. I was just sitting there going “what happened did I miss something?” It just ended plain and simple. Ti West come on this could have been a classic and now it just sits with the okay crowd.

pint pint pint pint pint pint

6/10 Beers!


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Insidious 2 (2013)

Insidious 2

Country: USA

Director: James Wan

Main Stars: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey, Lin Shaye, Jocelin Donahue, Lindsay Seim

Storyline: The Lambert family are still trying to escape the haunting spirits that haunt them.

MV5BMTg0OTA5ODIxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTUzNDg4OQ@@__V1_SX214_AL_Review (Spoils): The film kind of continues right where the last one left off.We got the family racing to the home of the grandmother (Barbara Hershey) and the wife does not trust the husband (Patrick Wilson ) because of the ending of the first film. We have a number of flashbacks of when the father was a young boy and was astral traveling with his out body experience.The storyline sits under 3 different paths, the fathers past, the journey to save the father on the ethereal plane and the story of the ghost that haunts them (The woman in black).

This second entry to the series is the same thing basically. The only really interesting part to me really was the background story on the woman in black the rest was like a repeat of what we all ready have seen or already knew. A few things drove me nuts like why the hell are they at the grandmother’s house when they already know about the fathers past and the ghosts? Secondly we saw the ending of the first film, why is Renai (Rose Byrne) even questioning if it is her husband as we already saw the photograph and the answer is clear.

Rating: The whole walking on the other side bores the hell out of me, with the whole out of body experience. It has been done and please move on. The only thing that kept me interested was the background story of the woman in black and of course Rose Byrne, Lindsay Seim and Jocelin Donahue, the rest of the film was a repeat.

pint pint pint pint

4/10 Beers!


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