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Turistas (2006)

Turistas (2006)

Country: USA

Director: John Stockwell

Main Stars: Josh Duhamel, Melissa George, Olivia Wilde,Beau Garrett, Angles Steib

Storyline: A group of backpackers get stranded in the middle of Brazil where they are not overly welcomed.

MV5BMTc1MzIzODc3MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjg1NTY0MQ@@__V1_SX214_AL_Review (Spoils): A group of Americans have their bus break down during a tour in Brazil. The young group meet some locals and decide to drink up at a hidden beach with them. After a wild night of party everyone wakes up to find out that they were drugged, naked and everything stolen (including passports). They work together to get help and come across a local named Kiko (Angles Steib) to help them. During this they go into a cave where Kiko smashes his head in some rocks diving. When trying to help him they come across other people’s passports and clothes. What happens from here is hell as they realize they kidnap tourists and sedate them to farm out their organs.

We have a bloody good time with this one with the classic bathtub on ice scene, some nasty gun shots, head shots, some bow and arrow and some wild jungle chasing.

Rating: I personally liked this film more than Hostel but many with disagree with me because it came after. Sure we could have had much more to the film when it came to the jumps and graphic gore but the idea was there.

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6/10 Beers!



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