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Christine (1983)

Christine (1983)

Country:  USA

Director:  John Carpenter

Main Stars:  Keith Gordon, Alexandra Paul

Storyline:  A young man buys a car that has an evil mind of its own.












Review (Spoils):  Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon) buys a 1958 Plymouth Fury, bright red and it was love at first site. He names the car Christine and spends all his nerdy time restoring it back to beauty. From all the time that Arnie is spending with the car is starts to act out of character and becomes cocky and extremely arrogant. He becomes obsessed with the car, falls out with his parents, pisses off the friends he does have, even his girlfriend Leigh (Alexandra Paul) wants nothing to do with him. He thinks he is becoming a man but unfortunate it is the car that possesses him.

What the film comes down to is Christine found a sucker of an owner and she is a jealous bitch and wants the owner all to herself. Some of the moments in the film are unique such as the car repairing itself, the music used when she is on racing killing rampage.  John Carpenter did a great job with this film and it is a classic also this is one of the best from Keith Gordon. Let’s be honest when you think of a killer car you think Christine.

Rating: This is a Stephen King classic, the killer car that wants nothing more than to be the most important thing in the world. Think 1958 Plymouth Fury, think nasty bitch, think of drinking beer, think Christine!




6/10 Beers!


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Dressed to Kill (1980)

Dressed to Kill (1980)

Country: USA

Director:  Brian De Palma

Main Stars: Michael Caine, Angie Dickenson, Nancy Allen, Keith Gordon

Storyline:  A mysterious blonde with sunglass is slashes an attractive older woman to death and a prostitute is a witness and now the murder is on the hunt for her.








Review (Spoils):  A neglected housewife (Angie Dickenson) feels her sex life is dry and boring. She is dying for an encounter and confesses this to her doctor Dr. Robert Elliot (Michael Caine).  Through it all after a sexual encounter with a stranger she is slaughtered by a razor blade in an elevator and the witness of the murder is a cute high end call girl named Liz (Nancy Allen). Liz gets noticed and hides for her life from the strange mysterious blonde woman with sunglasses who knows that she was the killer. All Liz knows is that this woman is a patient of Dr. Elliot. She and the victim’s son (Keith Gordon) try to track down the killer before more die including the attractive Liz.

This film falls under thriller or horror? I say horror just due to the amount of red and slashing there is in this film. I personally would call this erotic horror as we have lots of nudity, a masturbation scene and some sweet stockings. The film deals a lot of sexuality and this is what makes the film different and special.

Rating:  Brian De Palma created a very interesting film. The sexual theme of the film makes it interesting and makes it unique. The acting was very well done and even the ending scene in the mental hospital is very well played. The movie screams with artistic feel and the open ending works awesome. Grab a few beers for this one and I will take more Nancy Allen in lingerie please!




7/10 Beers!


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