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Baby Sitter Wanted (2008)

Baby Sitter Wanted (2008)

Country:  USA

Director:  Jonas Barnes

Main Stars:  Tina Houtz, Sarah Thompson, Nana Visitor, Bill Moseley, Matt Dallas, Kristen Dalton, Bruce Thomas

Storyline:  A young girl is babysitting at a local rural farm and she is terrorized through the night.










Review (Spoils):  Angie Albright (Sarah Thompson) just moved out her crazy mom’s house and is going to college.  Her roommate is a bitch and she needs the extra money so she applies as babysitter when she an ad. She heads in the night to the farm for her first babysitting job for the Stantons. She meets the family and the horror begins as she is taunted through the night.

Yes this sounds pretty close to When a Stranger Calls but to be honest there is not much that is the same.  This film is pounded with gore, scares and is a very decent slasher film. Sure we through in some wildness that is mixed with religious overtones and some far stretchiness but it roll through nicely in the film.  But if you’re looking for a straight hey the babysitter is being stalked this is not the film for you.

Rating:  This film is hard to rate because it really does not know what it wants to be. But it was unique and different I will give them that plus it has hottie Kristen Dalton!  Bring out the meat hooks and grab a cross for this little babysitting flick.




6/10 Beers!


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