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Insidious 3 (2015)

Insidious 3 (2015)

Country:  USA

Director:  Leigh Whannell

Main Stars:  Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Samspon, Lin Shaye

Storyline:  A prequel on the storyline where Elise Rainier uses her abilities to talk a dead mother for a young teenage girl.

Review (Spoils): Quinn (Stefanie Scott) is a young teenage girl who lost her mother and she wants to communicate with her. Therefore, she reaches out to psychic Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye) to help her with that. During which Rainer comes across the dark side of the after life and could not provide what Quinn was looking for. Quinn heads home, deals with normal teenage life, and is hit by a car. She dies in a way but is brought back to life. During which because she crossed over and messed with Rainer things start to go weird for her.

First off, I really dislike it when films think it is smart to go back in time for a sequel. This story really did not need to be told and I had an issue with that. Do not get me wrong the acting from both female leads Lin Shaye and Stefanie Scott was great but the film felt like it was a lighter side of Insidious tale. Mother and daughter bond was it too mushy for taste in a horror film.

Same story when it comes to graphics on this one, ghosts, dreams, red and black man, some spooky old man that cannot breath, the old lady in black and a motherly ghost that watches over her daughter. The coolest scene of the film was when Quinn smashes the casts off her legs.

Rating:  This film be prepared to wait for something to happen. Excessively much story line on just the teenage girl and her drama of coping with the lost of her mother and having to pick up the slack. It drags on way to long for a horror film that belongs to series that is suppose to scare. This film was too predictable and too corny for my liking. I want creepiness and new types of scares at this day and age. This one is old hat.

4/10 Beers!



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Saw (2004)

Saw (2004)

Country: USA

Director:  James Wan

Main Stars: Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, Danny Glover, Dina Meyer, Shawnee Smith, Tobin Bell

Storyline:  Two men wake up in a dirty bathroom and are chained at the ankles. No idea on how they got there they are tormented by a stranger character known only as the Jigsaw Killer. Police try to solve the mystery and learn that they are not the first two victims.








Review (Spoils):  When I first watch this film I was shocked and locked on the film so bad I even skipped going to the bar. This film is just that good. We great character build in this film and works on you turning away from the film as it sits so realistic that it could really happen. Sure it has the police type feel when they are trying to figure where and who is the Jigsaw Killer. But the idea of the puzzles and timer for each victim to choose and survive is out there and possible that it attacks the mind.  We have everything from traps, bear trap helmets, gorging someone to find a key for a lock and it goes on and on. It really is not over the top gore and not really torture as it is all about survival. This film lives off you being on the edge of your seat and sweating while watching someone escape a puzzle trap while the timer is running. This is brilliant and it is the best of the whole Saw series.

Rating:  Creating one of the most unique horror villains in a long time this movie holds.  Forget the lameness of the teeny bop horrors of that era and reach for this one. Yes it might not be for everyone but everyone should see this film at least once as it is a gem in the horror genre. Drink to the Jigsaw Killer as he “wants to play a game”.




9/10 Beers!


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