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Martin (1977)

Martin (1977)

Country:  USA

Director: George A. Romero

Main Stars: John Amplas, Lincoln Maazel, Christine Forrest, Tom Savini, Elyane Nadeau

Storyline:  A young man believes that he is an actual vampire and tries to deal with the cravings.

mv5bmtm5mtc5ntgzmv5bml5banbnxkftztcwmdc0ntkxmq__v1_uy268_cr40182268_al_Review (Spoils): Martin (John Ampla) is a messed up young man who drugs women, has sex with them and then drinks their blood by using a razor blade to cut them open. He believes that he is actual a vampire and needs to drink blood to survive.  Martin gets taken in by a long lost uncle named Tata Cuda (Lincoln Maazel) who believes him and can save his soul. But at the same time Tata has a young girl named Christina (Christine Forrest) living with them and has told her to stay away from him.  Of course Christina and Martin build a connection as the young man battles the inner demon of possibly being a vampire or just one messed up kid.

This film is very straight forward and an interesting take on vampires or possibly someone who thinks they are. We have some character build in the film and even some nasty scenes that can be unsettling. Razor blades, unsettling sex scenes, blood, some beatings and the final scene of movie. We have a strong script and the tale is dark and it reminds me a bit of such films as Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

Rating: This is not your average vampire film at all because you do not know if he ever really was one or just a mad killer. George A. Romero took what he did for zombies and made a classic vampire film. I personally think is this is a must see for any kind of horror fan as it screams as an unknown dark classic.

Check this one out!

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8/10 Beers!


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