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Body Parts (1991)

Body Parts (1991)

Country:  USA

Director:  Eric Red

Main Stars:  Jeff Fahey, Lindsay Duncan, Kim Delany

Storyline:  After losing an arm in a car wreck a psychologist has it replaced by a limb from a serial killer.

Review (Spoils): Bill (Jeff Fahey) is in a car accident and his lost one of his arms. He went into surgery and had a new one graphed to his body. This was a limb from a former serial killer who was executed in death row. Bill starts to have nightmares and feelings that he did not have before.  When Bill finds out the truth he wants to arm removed but the doctor (Lindsay Duncan) who put in place will not do it, is there more to this and he is all part of an experiment.

Picture this more a weird modern-day Frankenstein with a twist. The film was not as bad as I thought it would be. The acting is pretty good for a horror film and the movie moves at a very fast pace and keeps you entertained. Of course, the film is not realistic its horror but as follow the main character through the changes and what it brings to his home life you do get trapped into the film.

Rating:  This film reminds me a bit of the film called The Hand. The film is fun and cheesy when it needs to be and carries on well. The special effects are good the ending is a bloody event that you will not want to miss. The leading ladies steal the show when it comes to performance of the characters. Definite a gem that horror collectors should own or at least see.

6/ 10 Beers!



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