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The Poltergeist of Borley Forest / American Poltergeist II (2013)

The Poltergeist of Borley Forest / American Poltergeist II (2013)

Country:  USA

Director:  Stephen McKendree

Main Stars:  Marina Petrano, Christopher Ingle, Rhea Rossiter, Nicholas Barrera

Storyline:  A young girl is being haunted since a party in a forest.

Review (Spoils): This one that is even more confusing than the first film. We have a teenage girl who goes to a forest party and since she is being stalked by a man who is creepy in his own way and seeing strange things. With the help of her friends and her brother she tries to figure out the history and the connection to herself.

So, the acting is better but man this story line is slow and boring. We have like no action except some creepy dude trying to get laid for the first hour. Do not expect scares or very little blood (in a flashback) as there is just a lot of talking and semi bad acting. The deaths are off screen and just more chats. The parents are horrible actors and this film will make you sleep!

The film goes by a number of different titles like American Poltergeist II and You Will Love Me.

Rating:  Why the Hell would they tie in a name of a second one when the first one was so bad. At least if you are trying to resurrect the series go out with a bang of gore and scares. Not yet another boring story line which has no real background or even connection to the first film. This is actually equal if not worse than the first film (yes, the acting is better) but man it is fucking boring. Even with the original titles, this film is bad. The only thing going for it the Lindsay Lohen lookalike Page (Marina Petrano).

2/10 Beers!



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