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Unrest (2006)

Unrest (2006)

Country:  USA

Director: Jason Todd Ipson

Main Stars: Corri English, Scot Davis, Joshua Alba, Marisa Petroro

Storyline: A possible spirit is killing off all that have handle or desecrated the body at the morgue.

Review (Spoils): So at the medical school we have students Alison (Corri English), Brian, Carlos (Joshua Alba) and Rick who get the body of young woman (Marisa Petroro) who seems to have been butchered for their dissection class. Alison feels a connection with the body and has a feeling she is trying to communicate with her. As Alison looks into the history of the woman, we learn that she was once a prostitute that killed off her johns. As the class and the boys become morons, she starts to kill them off one by one.

The film really focuses on the past of the mystery women and the connection with the lead Alison. We have the odd want to show skin scene (hey it’s a horror film), blood pools, some nasty cuts, haunting woman screaming and some shady video footage. Near the end, we have some gore and the actual creepy tale goes full flight.

Now the bad of the film. The stupidity of people and their actions in this film. Why are these kids still living at the hospital while all this weird shit is going on? They are fighting a curse but act like oh boy I wonder what that was I better open the door. The film lacks the thought train.

Rating: The two women of the film is what makes it along with the sounds and the creepiness that exists. The storyline (back-story) is actually nice and new but the film does have some flaws. The film is actually not bad for being part of the After Dark Horrorfest. Marisa Petroro is a memorable villain.

5/10 Beers!


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