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The Strangers 2 : Prey at Night (2018)

The Strangers 2 : Prey at Night (2018)

Country:  USA

Director:  Johannes Roberts

Main Stars:  Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson, Bailee Madison, Lewis Pullman, Damian Maffei, Emma Bellomy, Lea Enslin

Storyline:  The stranger three killers are back but this time stalking a family of four.

Review (Spoils): The first film of the first was a gem so this one of course would have a hard time to hit that success. This one takes place in the same area but as a family of four are traveling to drop off their wanna be goth daughter (Bailee Madison) to a boarding school thing go wrong.

To be honest that is the whole damn story, that one simple paragraph to me this does not hurt the film but as from other reviews people feel different. We have a simple plot with some memorable killers again such as Man in the Mask (Damian Maffel), Dollface  (Emma Bellomy)and Pinup (Lea Enslin) but this time things end differently. The film deliveries lots of blood, lots of stabbing, a fire, a very cool blood in the pool scene and lots of back pain.

Rating:  The real problem for this film was the daughter she was not that tough, and her goth image so was so fake it was hard to want her to win. Just because you bought a shirt off of Ebay that says Ramones does not make you cool. The jumps and the creepiness of the film was there but not at great lengths like the first film. But I love these killers and it was hard for me to let them go. But one great fault is the ending cause really nobody could survive all that. The movie could of been greater like way greater but its not as bad as everyone is saying online.

6/10 Beers!



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The Ring (2002)

The Ring (2002)

Country: USA

Director: Gore Verbinski

Stars: Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brain Cox, David Dorfman

Storyline: A young journalist investigates a videotape that is linked to anyone viewing it will die.

MV5BNDA2NTg2NjE4Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMjYxMDg5._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_Review (spoils): Ok first off this is a remake of the classic Ringu. So we have the young blonde journalist named Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) who investigates a murder of 4 young people which links to a story of a haunting videotape. During this her dumb son watches the tape even though he was told not too and now she races against time to end the curse to save her son’s life.

The acting in the film is average but what do you want it’s a horror film. But the storyline does flow well and the actually scenes on the videotape are really well done. The emotion of the theme works well as the film has a groaning depressing feeling. Gore Verbinski did a great job doing this as the main little haunting girl (the classic and now over used choppy movements) is memorable for the new audiences and some of the classic scenes such as the horse and the boat is everlasting in the mind. That’s what you want in a horror film, leaving an everlasting mark in the mind to remind you of it. Hats off to you Mr. Verbinski for accomplishing that.

Rating: What I do have to say is this is a decent remake. Yes you heard that right (I hate remakes normally) but it’s true. Naomi Watts was the right person to lead this role and this film. Yes the kid can be annoying but what kid can’t be in horror? This is one of the best remakes out there for horror right now except for The Thing. If you have not seen this film, do yourself a favor and check it out.


7/10  Beers!


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