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Malevolent (2018)

Malevolent (2018)

Country:  UK

Director:  Olaf de Fleur Joahnneson

Main Stars:  Florence Pugh, Ben Lloyd- Hughes, Celia Imrie, Georgina Bevan, Nicola Grier

Storyline:  A young group are scamming people in fake hauntings until they come across the real deal.

Review (Spoils): Brother and sister Jackson and Angela (Florence Pugh) run a scamming like fake setup for hauntings and make a good profit doing. The two of them and their group get hired to check out an old foster home and with Angela’s power they come across the haunting past. Young girls were tortured here, and their mouths stitched shut by the sadistic owner.

If the above plot of a group of people working to scam people in haunting sounds familiar, then you will be like me and give a groan. The originality of this film was lost from the first 10min and I was losing interest which really did hurt this film. The acting was ok but sometimes I do have a hard time with Florence Pugh as she comes across a non-emotional actress which can be dry and over done after a few films.

The film gives is the typical haunting of little girl’s flashbacks, so expect some girls just appearing. The film really does not get into the true horror until about the last 15min when the truth all starts to unravel, and we get to the villains and the heroes. But even then, some of the gore is taken off screen or out of the picture. This is too bad because the scene with the hack saw could have been great. To me Celia Imrie was the highlight of the film.

Rating:  Nothing really new with this film as the topic has been so overdone. There are way better ghost tales out there to check out. This film is forgettable.

4/10 Beers!


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