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The Return of Dracula (1958)

The Return of Dracula (1958)

Country:  USA

Director: Paul Landres

Main Stars: Francis Lederer, Norma Eberhardt, Ray Stricklyn, Virginia Vincent

Storyline: Dracula over takes a persons identity and moves to America posing as a far away cousin.

Review (Spoils): Count Dracula kills a passenger that just happened to sit in the wrong box on a train and takes over his identity. He travels to California where he plays the part of an artist who is a far way cousin of the Mayberrys. He acts funny and very distant and this attracts the young Rachel to him.  The long-term plan of Dracula is to draw young Rachel to become his love in the new undead life.

I was not expecting much from this film as there are so many Dracula knock offs that I was waiting for the worse. We have Francis Lederer playing the wide-eyed Dracula and at first, I was saying to myself this is going to be bad. I was wrong! Francis Lederer took the regular Dracula and made it his own. We have a dark and mysterious man who just happens to be undead.  He does not play the vampire part as much as he plays just the creepy man.  The cute Norma Eberhardt plays the flirty and wants to move out of the countryside to the big city chasing him like a little lost puppy. Which causing conflict with her boyfriend and Dracula himself. The film is a very different take of the Dracula story.

The film gives us love, staring eyes, white dogs, a dead cat, some blood, a gory ending to Dracula, some fog, nasty neck bites, annoying young boy and undead girlfriends. It is Dracula in the countryside!

Rating: Not a bad film at all for a Dracula film. I personally will mark this up as a need to see at least once vampire film. Francis Lederer surprised the hell of my playing the part of the lead vampire and the ending scene is a nice bloody death scene that you do not want to miss.

6/10 Beers!


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