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The Plumber (1979)

The Plumber (1979)

Country:  Australia

Director:  Peter Weir

Main Stars:  Judy Morris, Ivar Kants, Robert Coleby, Candy Raymond

Storyline:  A young woman feels she is being stocked by her landlord’s plumber

Review (Spoils): The film starts off as a young working couple are struggling and living in a apartment complex. Jill (Judy Morris) gets interrupted by a plumber ( Ivar Kants) that is doing an inspection, but her landlord has not mentioned anything. Before she knows it, the man makes himself at home and starts to say she has major issues with the pipes.  The young madman starts to take down walls and smash holes in the place and starts to do work that could take weeks. Jill starts to get the weird feeling that he is not leaving.

The film is a typical 70s horror film that does not work on the shock but instead pulls on the feelings of yuck. Yes, the storyline does become almost too bizarre, but it works. The Jill character does become hard to relate too as she is acting a bit silly and to be honest the police should have been involved and landlord from the get go but it all works out in the end.

The problem with this film is, its full of douchbags and really there is not one nice person out of the whole damn group. So, are we on the side of the woman or are we one the side of the psycho who might not be one or are we on the side of the horny friend? I believe this was done on purpose as then it makes the film more like a piece of art instead of just badly played characters who make dumb decisions.

Rating:  This is a hard find and I really did not know much about it until I came across it. I was not expecting much but it did work and kept me entranced to see how this was going to end. Sure, it is not a classic by any means but it was an okay film that gives you that uneasy feeling.

6/10 Beers!



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