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The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)


Country:  USA

Director:  Erle C. Kenton

Main Stars: Lon Chaney Jr, Cedric Hardwicke, Ralph Bellamy, Bela Lugosi, Evelyn Ankers, Lionel Atwill

Storyline:  Right after the public destroyed Ygor and Frankenstein monster they both reemerge from the ruin castle. They fee to the second of Dr. Frankenstein to hide themselves away.









Review (Spoils):  This is forth in the Universal Frankenstein series and this time Ygor (Bela Lugosi ) returns and  resurrects the monster (Lon Chaney Jr). They head to the second son of Dr. Frankenstein Ludwig (Cedric Hardwicke) and look for some shelter to hide from the torch barring public.  Before the meet the doctor the Frankenstein monster meets with a young girl and helps her get her ball from a high area in the town square the people read his intentions wrong and he gets arrested and goes to court. The monster is chained to the chair while the question him which is useless.  Ludwig decides to take the monster in his care as it was his father’s creation.  All through it all Ludwig gets visited by his father’s ghost telling him resurrect the monster after changing its brain with a smart brain. In this confusion Ludwig’s assistants gets talked into by Ygor to use his brain instead without telling Ludwig. This is done without the doctors knowledge till the voice of Ygor goes out of the monsters mouth.  In the finally battle again the monster is in a crumbling building that is in flames.

The cast does a great job in this film and I was actually impressed with Lon Chaney Jr playing the monster.  (I was worried with this) Bela Lugosi steals the show again as playing the creeping Ygor. Evelyn Ankers might not have a huge part in the storyline but she was very entertaining but once again a real charmer of the film.  The low part of the film is the ghost itself which was very lame and it did not look like Colin Clive at all, very dumb scene.

Rating:  For being the fourth in the series this was not too bad. Sure it can be a little repetitive with the doctors, the assistants and ending in a burning building but Lon Chaney Jr did a great job playing the monster. Grabs some beers and have a final toast to Ygor!




6/10 Beers!



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