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Alligator (1980)

Alligator (1980)

Country:  USA

Director:  Lewis Teague

Main Stars:  Robert Forster, Robin Riker

Storyline:  An alligator gets flushed down the toilet and survives in the sewers. It eats lab rats that had growth hormones and the creature grows and travels the streets of Chicago for food.










Review (Spoils):  A small girl gets a baby alligator at a gator show. Her father is mad at her and upset so he flushes Ramon down the toilet. Ramon lives in the sewers for many years and eats people that go down in the drain system.  The city enlists a zoologist named Marisa Kendall (Robin Riker) to investigate who just happens to be the little girl at the beginning of the film. Through the search they find out that a pharmaceutical is dumping specimens down in the sewers also which explains the growth of the gator. In the end the gator comes above ground and starts eating people in the streets and Marisa and friends lure him back down and then blow him up.

This film is gory and yet fun at the same time. The movie moves at a better pace then I thought it would and it’s an entertaining animal horror film. Sure some of the parts are laughable but hey its horror and that’s half the fun!

Rating:  First we had jaws, then the piranha and now alligator! The film is actually not bad and it is entertaining enough that I made it through the film. There are way worse monster animal films out there and alligator is enjoyable as it goes with the old urban legend of gators in the sewers.  Cheers to Ramon as he is one big gator!




5/10 Beers!


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