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Son of Dracula (1943)

Son of Dracula (1943)

Country:  USA

Director: Robert Siodmak

Main Stars:  Lon Chaney Jr , Robert Paige, Louise Allbritton

Storyline:  Count Alucard (flip this backwards) heads to the deep south in the swamps where he falls in love with beautiful plantation owner. He wants to grant her the undead life of immortality.









Review (Spoils):  A decade after the first Dracula film Count Alucard (Lon Chaney Jr) appears in America and is invited to join rich Kay Caldwell (Louise Allbritton) who has an interest in the supernatural. She tricks Count Alucard to fall in love with her so that she is granted the immortality of undead.  Her past boyfriend Frank (Robert Paige ) does not understand her intentions and attacks the Count in which Kay gets shot. The son of Dracula Count Alucard brings her back to life or better yet unlife and she gets want she wants. She tells Frank her true plan that she wants him to destroy the Count and join her in the rich life of immortality.  Frank is not much for it and destroys them both by sunlight and fire.  We have cheesy bat scenes, cool vapour gas travel and the king of the cheese Count Alucard. I’m sorry but I just could not take Lon Chaney Jr as an evil vampire character or even threatening. I love Lon Chaney Jr but the part did not suit him or maybe it was just the lame mustache? For that the movie just did not scream classic Universal monster film for me.  Louise Allbritton did an amazing job playing the character and really turned on the acting screws once she became undead (the lying in dead scene was great for that).

Rating:  Unfortunately this film just did not have the uniqueness that the past Dracula films had.  I could not take the Count Alucard character seriously and poor Louise Allbritton could not hold the film up all by herself. This is one of the weaker links of the series and the point that there was not connection of reference to the Dracula’s Daughter (the second of the series) it lost its connection for me.




4/10 Beers!


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