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Feral (2017)

Feral (2017)

Country: USA

Director:  Mark Young

Main Stars:  Scott Taylor-Compton, Oliva Luccardi. Lew Temple, Renee Olstead, Brock Kelly, Landry Allbright, Samantha Gangal

Storyline:  A group of young people hike into the woods are attacked by some zombie werewolf type creature.

Review (Spoils): A group of people hiking into the woods for once there are more women then men for once. We have some inter tangle love relationships of the past and some trying to be serious reflection on homosexuality. (fail). We have crazy Talbolt (Lew Temple) running through the woods getting into people’s business as some feral zombie werewolf type creatures roam the woods. After much biting and gun shots we learn Talbolt connection as the disease spreads.

This film gives us bad character connections, bad relationship connections and some bad dialogue. Along with a fail on trying to be serious on homosexuality. But this film does bring on the gore, lots of bites, gut rips, a bear trap, some cool effected on makeup, green eyes and the odd gunshot and ax.

Rating:  Take Wrong Turn and turn it into a zombie film and this is what you get. I hate fast moving zombies but to be honest I almost see this mix of werewolves and zombies, so it worked. What did not work was the cast and story line. But the gore held even though it could of used some nudity come on!

4/10 Beers!



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