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Death House (2017)

Death House (2017)

Country:  USA

Director:  B. Harrison Smith

Main Stars:  Bill Mosely, Tony Todd, Nicole Cinaglia, Adrienne Barbeau, Kane Holder, Debbie Rochon, Gunnar Hansen, Dee Wallace, Lindsay Hartley, Barbara Crampton, Camille Keaton, Cortney Palm, Sid Haig, Brinke Stevens, Tiffany Shepis, Felissa Rose, Lauren Compton, Beverly Randolph, Sean Whalen, Cody Longo. Lloyd Kaufman

Storyline:  A secret prison has a power outage and all Hell breaks loose when two agents are trapped.

Review (Spoils): Not sure what everyone was thinking with this film, but it became a simple over the top gore mess. The storyline is not very detailed, and it is actually kind of jumbled. We have two agents Condy Longo and Cortney Palm trapped in a prison where a large collection of doctors (including Dee Wallace’s bad hair) has the prisoners trapped with victims that satisfy their needs. Kane Hodder is one of the main prisons badasses and as the power goes out, he starts to lead a front of prisoners.

The film does delivery the bloody goods with slashing, cutting, gun shots, intestines, some weird living zombies gore scene, cheap gas and Satan fire scene and lots of gore. The film is all over the place but we do also get a few glances of Courtney Palm topless but nothing sexy from Debbie Rochon, Felissa Rose, Lindsay Hartley or Laura Compton. (such a missed chance)

Rating:  This is a knocking dead all star cast of horror! There are more names in this film then I can even name when it comes to paying homage to horror. We have the classic villains like Bill Mosely, Tony Todd, Gunnar Hansen, Kane Holder and Sean Whalen to name a few. Over the top gore hound Lloyd Kaufman. And the horror B Queens themselves like Adrienne Barbeau, Debbie Rochon, Dee Wallace, Barbara Crampton, Camille Keaton, Brinke Stevens, Felissa Rose and Lauren Compton just to name a few! But unfortunately it could not save the film from a written mess, it just tried too hard and the finale was kind of boring and lame to the end Hansen that way.  The only thing that made the ending okay was the homage to Gunnar Hansen which was a nice little added touch which made me sad.

3/10 beers!



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The Axe Murders of Villisca (2016)

The Axe Murders of Villisca (2016)

Country:  USA

Director:  Tony E. Valenzuela

Main Stars:  Robert Adamson, Jarett Sleeper, Alex Frnka, Sean Whalen

Storyline:  Three losers decide to break into an older house to find out if it is really haunted from the past axe murders.

Review (Spoils): We have two boys who are supposed to be teenagers who are losers that you do not care about. We have a young hot kind of goth babe who got drunk and slept with someone and is now trapped in with the above two losers. And we have a mixed match back story with someone who killed people with an axe a long time ago and we still have not figured out why (even after the film)

Dear god not sure where it begin with this mess. The story is all over the place and the reason for the three-young people to break into the house is really pointless and dumb. The kids do not even look like teenagers and so what you slept with someone. Are people really that shallow anymore especially if you are 30? This film when it comes to storyline from the start was a fucking disaster! Not to mention the past story which I am still fucking lost. Who wrote and casted this?

Ok so now the time for some of the good points, Sean Whalen rocks! He is like a horror legend in my books and when I feel him in a film I smile. Hello, People Under the Stairs! Too bad his part was little and underrated in this film.  The only other highlight of this film was Alex Frnka. Never heard of her but man she is hot and should be in more horror films. Love the look and the character she played in this film even though she was way to old to play the part for that story line. But this film gets some pints for the eye candy.  We some axes and some blood and it had some potential within the first 5min.


Rating:  Don’t waste your time. Even if you have spare time and are staring at Netflix go somewhere else. Unless you want to see Alex Frnka hotness some more that is about all this film deliveries besides confusion and questions of why!

3/10 Beers!


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The People Under the Stairs (1991)

The People Under the Stairs (1991)

Country: USA

Director: Wes Craven

Main Stars: Brandon Quintin Adams, Everett McGil, Wendy Robie, A.J. Langer, Sean Whalen

Storyline: A child and two adults break into a house to learn that it is occupied by a twisted brother and sister that are trying to find and raise the perfect child.

MV5BMTUxNTUyMTUyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDkxNjAwMQ@@__V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_AL_Review (Spoils): Tough kid Fool (Brandon Quintin Adams) breaks into a house that is owned by his family’s landlords and he discovers that it is a twisted trap of a house. We a twisted man (Everett McGil) and his sister (Wendy Robie ) that act like over religious inbreed that have kidnapping and trapping children and boarding them up underneath the stairs of the house. Fool comes across a shy timid girl named Alice (A.J. Langer) and other stranger characters that help him to escape the madness of the house.

If you want to understand this film take the novel Flowers in the Attic and mix it with the mother of Carrie and you have The People under the Stair. This works well! We have twisted characters, demented incest couple, some exciting chases, shootings, some blood and scares. The plot is very simple and yes Fool can be annoying but everything in between keeps the film flowing and the audience interested. No this not a high budget horror film but a low budget weird film that keep you drawn in.

Everett McGil and Wendy Robie are both over the top and you will remember these characters as great freak villains. Also A.J. Langer and Sean Whalen were awesome playing the parts of the children that help with the rebellion. All memorable characters for sure.

Rating: Wes Craven did well with this film. He created one of the weirdest films of his career and the bits of comedy actually worked. Very bizarre but yet very worth to drink too.

pint pint pint pint pint pint

6/10 Beers!



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