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The Doll (2016)

The Doll (2016)

Country:  Indonesia

Director:  Rocky Soraya

Main Stars:  Shandy Aulia, Denny Sumargo, Sara Wijayanto, Vitta Mariana Barrazza

Storyline:  A young doll maker brings home a old doll which brings with it a curse.

Review (Spoils): Young beautiful Anya (Shandy Aulia) is a doll maker and her husband is a construction worker. When he brings home an old doll that he found at a site where they cut down a tree curse is sent to their home. They start to see the doll moving around, leaving notes and then finally a creepy ghost girl appears. This leads to nothing but lies, jumping ghosts, some bad CGI and tons of blood!

This film was different every 30min. I am not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing, but it kept me interested. One minute we think we have seen this film but then it changes the plot a bit over and over. One thing I do know is we have lots of charming ladies in it and a creepy burned out doll and a matching ghost girl to go with it. This film is not lacking on the gore and blood as it cuts loose near the end. Lots of red, splatter, hands grinding, claws, throat slashes, hangings and tons of more blood. The CGI is piss poor when it does appear, and it almost ruined the film for me. The fucking bats are horrible, and the blood spit is lame. But Shandy Aulia kept me entertained!

Rating:  This movie could have been a lot worse and without the lame cheese CGI could have been better but oh well. There was enough blood to do two films and the storyline kept me watching. Some of scenes were cool such as the possessions, the blood and even the little girl was sweet. This is actually worth checking out!

6/10 Beers!


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