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Halloween (2007)

Halloween (2007)

Country: USA

Director: Rob Zombie

Main Stars: Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane, Sherri Moon Zombie, Daeg Faerch, Clint Howard, Bill Mosele, Brad Dourif

Storyline: A retelling of the Michael Myers story but more focussed on his childhood.

MV5BMTMzOTg4MzcxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzY5MDE1MQ@@__V1_SX214_AL_Review (Spoils): Sigh…. remake time again with a review. We have the re-telling of the Michael Myer’s (Daeg Faerch ) story from the Halloween series. The young boy is messed up as he has been locked up since he was 10 after killed and start to learn what makes him tick. During this process his escapes and heads back home to Haddonfield where he stalks and tries to kill his younger sister Laurie. Anyone who gets in his way of this is killed in brutal ways.

We have a retelling tale of Mike Myers (Tyler Mane) and Doctor Loomis (Scout Taylor-Compton) but this time done with the script of Rob Zombie. Now we all know that Zombie is a horror fan and he wanted to tell his updated take of this tale. The beginning starts actually very interesting when he gets into the younger details of what is going on in the mind of the young boy. To me this was fresh and it held my attention and I was impressed. Then the story flipped to the remake part and it literality felt like it was word for word of a remake. To me this is just lazy and there was nothing new anymore to this tale. I loved the beginning but then it was just felt boring about mid way through the film. Sure we have a more graphic film then the classic from the 70s but this does not make it a good/or better film because of it.

Rating: I have a hard time wrapping around my head why you would want to do this remake. If you’re a fan of the film series you think you would not want to touch it and leave it as is. I would focus more on learning from the classic and creating something new on your own. But I guess that’s just me and Hollywood loves it cash in remakes. Not a horrible film but it is one of Rob Zombies better films.

pint pint pint pint pint

5/10 Beers!




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