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The Last House on the Beach (Le Settima Donna) (1978)

The Last House on the Beach (Le Settima Donna) (1978)

Country:  Italy

Director: Franco Prosperi

Main Stars:  Florinda Bolkan, RayLovelock, Flavio Andreini, Sherry Buchanan, Stefano Cedrati, Laura Tanziani, Laura Trotter, Karina Verlier, Luisa Maneri

Storyline:  A small group of armed men invade a beach house that is occupied with a group of ladies and takes them hostage.


Review (Spoils): A small group of men shot up a place and rob it. They escape and run off to an area where they just happen to find that is loaded with young women and ran by a nun. The men drink, have their way with the girls as they enjoy the location till the final end when the women have their revenge and escape.

Does this movie ring a bell? It should as it is another exploitation film along the lines of the classics The Last House on the Left and The Last House on the Edge of the Park. We have some not so great acting, some beautiful ladies, a group of men that never had a chance, some scenes that don’t who much but leave it for the imagination on what is actually happening, gunshot wounds, a nasty stick scene and some weird camera work on emotions.

Rating: Not as good as the films mentioned above but it still fits the same group with title and storyline. We have the beautiful Sherry Buchanan, Florinda Bolkan and Karina Verlier being tortured and the final scene is actually memorable as the girls lay down the beats! Not a classic like the others but it still fits the horror exploitation list.

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5/10 Beers!



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