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They Came from Within / Shivers (1975)

They Came from Within / Shivers (1975)

Country: Canada

Director: David Cronenberg

Main Stars: Paul Hampton, Joe Silver, Lynn Lowry, Barbara Steele, Susan Petrie

Storyline: An apartment building gets infected by a parasite that turns people into mindless sex fiends.

MV5BMTc1NzY1NjM1MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTE4MTYyMQ@@__V1_SX214_AL_Review (Spoils): A scientist lives in large apartment complex in Montreal which he murders a young girl, strips her, cuts her open and uses acid to burn out her internal organs then finally slitting his own throat. This all leads to a strange investigation which brings to the truth of experiments using parasites as organ transplants. This parasite escapes and starts to infect resident by resident turning them into sex crazed zombies.

This strange film does bring out the red as we have throat slitting, a nasty opening of a body, lot’s of vomit of blood, strange parasites and the classic bath tub scene with Barbara Steel. This parasite is the cause of zombie like sex orgy and everyone should run in fear. Some of the special effects are actually pretty decent and the storyline itself is touching the symbolism of sexual transmitted diseases. Remember this film is from 1975 so this was before the actual awareness of such disease such as A.I.D.S.

Rating: This is the first if not one of the first films from David Cronenberg. The film follows the pace of his other later films but this one stands out as it is a strange piece of art. The topic is buried in the movie but it is not hard to see what his point was. The movie can move a little slow at times but to be honest the more I think about the film the more it makes sense. I’m personally not a huge fan of David Cronenberg but this one I do get.

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6/10 Beers!


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