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Cosmic Monsters (1958)

Cosmic Monsters (1958)

Country:  UK

Director: Gilbert Gunn

Main Stars: Forrest Tucker, Gaby Andre, Martin Benson

Storyline: A visitors comes from outer space to warn the world that their experiments with the magnetic field could mutate insects.

Review (Spoils): Scientists are working on experiments with the magnetic field when a freak storm happens. A strange man with a funny moustache appears and starts to chat with a child and giving her speeches about change and man. He does not give much advice except that he should change his moustache to fit in and that he is from far away. We have a bunch of non-science talk as a bunch of attacks start to happen in the near by park. Once the investigation comes under way, we do learn that there is a ton of giant spiders and cockroaches running around eating people.

Monster movie time again, I know I have a ton of these. This time we have some bad dialogue and acting mixed with some giant insects. This film can actually be damn boring except the ending when the woman is trapped in the spider web and the insects are coming for her. The footage is actually cool for its time.

Rating: Overall, this film is bad. Not in a good way either, its flat and nothing stands out really, except that is it another monster film driven from science and has bugs. By the way, this film also goes by the title The Strange World of Planet X.

2/10 Beers!


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