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I Walked with a Zombie (1943)

I Walked with a Zombie (1943)

Country: USA

Director: Jacques Toureur

Main Stars: Frances Dee, Tom Conway, James Ellison, Christine Gordon

Storyline:  A nurse travels to the West Indies to look after a plantation wife who is ill even if it involves working with voodoo.

220px-Iwalkedwithazombie Review (Spoils): A nurse from Canada named Betsy (Frances Dee) heads to the West Indies on request from a plantation owner named Paul Holland (Tom Conway) to help his wife. His wife Jessica (Christine Gordon) is very ill and almost in a paralyse state with fever.  In the conclusion of a cure or what is really wrong with Jessica, Betsy believes she is a zombie and needs a cure with voodoo. She heads over the local mystic priest of voodoo and tries to get Jessica hep. But confesses his love to Betsy and no longer cares for Jessica has there was fear of her running off with his brother which leads to the curse to begin with.

Rating: This film is a classic when it comes to zombie horror but at the same time do not expect scares or blood. It’s more of a love triangle story gone wrong which involves voodoo.

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5/10 Beers!


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The Cat People (1942)

The Cat People (1942)

Country:  USA

Director:  Jacques Tourneur

Stars: Simone Simon, Tom Conway, Kent Smith

Storyline: An American marries a Serbian woman who fears that if they become intimate she will turn into a cat beast.

MV5BMjE0NjIyMzY2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMDA4OTI5__V1_SX214_Review: The beautiful Irena Dubrovna (Simone Simon) and Oliver Reed (Tom Conway) fall in love at the zoo and they decide to get married. Irena does not want to become close to Oliver as she believes that she suffers from an ancient curse whenever she feels aroused. This leads to conflict in their marriage and Oliver asks her to go to a psychiatrist.  Through this she is still under the doubts that she is a cat race and that she is killing in the night.

This movie is a classic in horror as it deprives on the woman being the monster and it touches a lot on the sex topic.  The cast is awesome and the mood of the film shows from feline side of things and it is a very dark film. The Serbian accent of Simone Simon leads to the sexiness and the darkness of the film as she is filled with doubt and secrets. The killings are off scene and the film plays on shadows and the night to keep the creepiness of the film alive.

Rating: Sometimes films are best with the unknown. This is one of them, such items as animals going mad around her, the pet shop scene and we never see the change to the animal or the animal itself. Great stuff and a classic!


7/10 Beers!


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